Members are all owners and the initial stock purchase to buy into the club is $1,500. If you choose to you leave the club after 1 year you get $1,200 back.

Monthly dues are $130, and we like everyone to fly a minimum of one hour each month for proficiency, so the minimum monthly is $186. The hour is “use it or lose it” but if there is a month with bad weather or the plane(s) are down for maintenance, you can carry the proficiency hour over to the next month.

The Cessna 182 is $125 per hour, the Cessna 172 is $95 per hour, and the Aeronca Champ is $65 per hour. All rates are wet (fuel included).

Dues and hourly rates are adjusted as fuel prices, hangar rent, and insurance change.

As time goes on, you gain equity based on your time in the club in the event we ever have to dissolve the club and liquidate the assets. Right now the club has a note on the 182 and own the 172 and Aeronca outright. All three planes are hangered. We also lease an office in the terminal building for flight training or getting ready for a trip.

Please refer to the club bylaws for more information.

To join the club, email the club secretary.